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Going 11...

By 3:29 AM

Okay, sweet-sweetan and a bit of emo mode ako :) the song is a high school favorite. Oo, uso na emo mode noon at kung may presidente non' baka ako yun..baka lang naman.

Sa dami ng love songs na feeling ko naging theme song ko at ng sarili ko lang naman hahaha..dami kseng tangang lalaki noon di marunong mag-appreciate ng REAL BEAUTE' hahaha..sayang naman ang buhay nila (Sayang daw oh!) at hindi man lang nila ako nakilala, LOL.

Since malapit na ang anniversary namin ng minamahal kong kabiyak, parang feel ko yata ang whole month of May to celebrate love once again..why not di ba?

Feels like February in May basta whatever…I just want to offer my love for HIM in any way and form in this special month. Effort I know but I will try my best.

Everyday has to be a little bit special, a little bit sweet, a little bit fun. Yes just “little bits” because these are already the icing, extenders, additional at lahat ng extras for a BIG LOVE I already have for him and how great it is to spend eleven loving years with HIM.

So today, here's a song na in-effort ko i-search sa Youtube at i-paste sa blog na ito :) Joke lng!

Syempre dapat may dedication para mas sweet :)


The song defines the kind of love and commitment we have for each other and no matter what, You are the man I would like to spend the rest of my life with or without a glamorous wedding because I believe, in my heart, a marriage exists between the two of us when we vowed to love only each other 11 years ago, and that's what really matters...

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