Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The pathetic vain fake beauties…let’s go mean

Ranting…blame it on the dysmenorrheal :)

We, especially us women, are vain in our own different ways. But what get’s irritating, at least for me, are the superficial ones. The evolution of social media networking sites gave way to these fake sweet, prim, random &  stolen b*t**es to dominate or maybe make a “little existence” in the cyber world. They suddenly hooked a chance to show their kinds even if the world wouldn’t want to care. The latest camera phones + the internet + the “byutis” = a community of the “feeling, pa-epal, pa-cuters, it, they’re everywhere!

And what just s*cks about this reality is that even in your very own circle, you’ll find them (lol). Even worse, they would always show up first in your page status update corner with their new album of their self-taken pictures, ready to ruin the days of many. It happens most of the time that whenever I want to check the latest from my friends, theirs is always the first to greet my face. Since they make a habit of uploading their pathetic-self photos taken (by themselves) in the cr, street corner, or anywhere as long as they grab a phone and took a minute pose, often times my page will be flooded by the latest “nightmare” whew! What got them topped the rank? Are their pictures seo-tagged that it works best for them to be on top and let their friends know “hey I got my new “Me” posted (for the nth time)”? Or is it just me? Is there someone who wants to ruin my day or are there some who enjoys to see me fu$*ed up? Hmmm…maybe, they are also the same & common people who I am ranting here about and want to tell my face “the feeling is mutual..b!7ch!” hahahahah… A break-even indeed!

I actually don’t have anything against them, why would they be in my circle in the first place? Not in this level and tone of writing will suffice my definition of “hate”.  It’s just that my mean genes got activated this morning and the first to launch before my eyes when I check my facebook account are the photo-ops of the “byutis” :).

So mean right? Sorry but sometimes I guess some people, that include me, really gets mean in order for us to feel a lot better.  I also don’t blame those people because somehow they don’t realize that they’ve been already causing irritations to others, but don't worry, this don’t happen every day, me saying mean things, it’s just that I have to let it out.J

Life's clutter...

When I was younger, Saturdays were the official clean-up day in our house. For us siblings, Mom declared the first day of weekend for massive "fix your mess", "do your laundry", and "freed the spiders underneath your beds" day. No matter how late we wake up, we all need to get Mom's approval of what we have accomplished before the same day ends. That was the most hated part of supposed to be a day for rest and play but what can we do, Mom rules in the house than Dad. Looking back now, I realized everything Mom told us especially me and my elder sister, that it is expected that us ladies should adore cleanliness more than men. Since we invest more stuff, we store just anything, we value even the tiniest and the least important stuff in our hands because of the so-called "sentimental value", it is oftentimes we are the real culprit of our clutter. We would always refer to men as unrefined in nature, indolent and messy. We also hate them for being insensitive. This is so true because I used to think of Jhun then as the most insensitive of his kind when we started to live in one roof. I wonder if the other women who got pregnant for the first time were thinking and acting like the way I was then because most of them for sure will care about their new shared-life, mommy-hood, family and babies. Me? I mind first about my new haven and that is Jhun’s room which we are going to share eternally (?) J. And since I can no longer contain my solitude, I made sure than I won’t be living a domestic life with a vulgar husbandJ. I know that Jhun is very organize of his things, he’s neat and he hates vulgar as well J so at first I thought everything is going to be smooth (I'm not talking about relationship here…will write a separate blog for that (*wink). I was excited to transfer my stuff then because I knew that Jhun’s room was huge and spacious but to my dismay, he never allowed me to bring in more stuff except my clothes and a few toiletries. And talking about my clothes, they were just store in a plastic wheeled-box! Yes it was just a box, no “es”. I was literally crying, I felt deprived, I pity myself and I couldn’t move on over an issue of a “dura box” was that? Jhun explained that since he’s a big man and his clothes are big, his cabinet has no more space to accommodate mine. My reaction was “So what?!!” Who said I wanted to share a closet with you? That’s why I wanted my stuff, my furniture and my appliances because I wanted to keep them intact, and always with me, they are my most-prized possession. But Jhun never gave in that fast. Every morning I have an issue, I long for my mini lampshade on the bed’s side, I long for my cottony “kikay” slippers perfectly positioned from the bottom area of the bed, I long for the same face who greets me in the mirror attached in the hairdresser as I rise…. Imagine these issues I have to deal with more than my “real” issues during the first trimester of my pregnancy, it was a double-take torture! And for my beloved Jhun to comprehend, I don’t see happening real soon.
Finally after a month of showing stubbornness which I play to pretend as part of hormonal changes and mood swings, I got what I wanted but not quick and easy. Every month I was able to retrieve my stuff one by one from my parent’s house and Jhun barely noticesJ. He only got the chance when he looked for something trying to find from the old place he remember keeping it the last time. He couldn’t find elsewhere because my stuff are already in placeJ.
Now, almost 30% of our room contained my stuff and Jhun couldn’t just argue anymore, as long as it’s not anything for my unknown collections, scrap books, letters or notes, they are acceptable to him. He thought me how to let go of the unnecessary stuff in my belongings. Even my most prized possessions, he asked me to give them away even if I tried to make a bargain. He would always say, “Yours is not mine and mine is not yours at the time we haven’t met. Now, whatever yours is mine and whatever mine is yours…this is just like our life now…sometimes we need to let go of memories in order for us to start anew beautifully, no hang-ups, no but’s and no turning back. Cherish what you have and whatever you will have with whom you are with right now and you’ll appreciate them more than anything from your past..” Indeed so true..i never expected Jhun’s wisdom can be that depth In terms of emotional principles …I have loved de-cluttering now because of him :).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My newest baby is finally here!

Just Sunday, Jan 17, my waiting for more than a year already, has finally come to end. I’ve been dreaming for this and up to this moment, I'm still thrilled that it took me 3days before I was able to start writing about welcoming ‘him’. 

I would like to jump and dance for joy (I know Ry will have something to say about this attempt so I didn’t bother to do then) when the sales person confirmed that the bank has approved the credit purchase. The familiar sound made by the swipe machine seemed to be the sweetest I ever heard =). Lenovo G450, you are mine now (or until I get fully paid) and you can’t stop me announcing it to the cyber world. 

I feel that my genes associated with excitement were all activated on that special Sunday. I genuinely thank the people who had made this possible – My Ate who lend me her cash so that I won’t have to bear a big amount of credit card debt and Ry and Emma and their son Ben who went with me and spent their family day eyeing for a nice laptop unit for me. Although Ry allowed me to avail the 12mo. 0% interest plan, I still insisted to pay 25% of the cost in cash because I want to make my monthly payment lighter since I am also preparing for a bigger & very important event later this year (*wink).

Mine is not a pricey one but I'm very confident that Lenovo G-series is a great deal. With its handsome business-looking style packed with great specs, G450 is such a treat!

Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 Processor
(2.1GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 800Mhz FSB)
Intel® Mobile GL40 Chipset
1GB DDR3 Memory
DVD SuperMulti Drive
14" HD WXGA (1366x768) LED Backlight Display
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500
10/100Mbps LAN, Wireless LAN 802.11b/g
Built-In Web Camera with Face Recognition
3x USB2.0 Port, VGA
6 Cell Li-Ion Battery
2.3 kg.
One year parts and labor (system battery: one year) Customer Carry-in Repair
+ FREE Lenovo Carrying Case & McAfee FREE Trial for 6 months Yey!!!